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5 Ideas for an Easier Medication Management at Home

5 Ideas for an Easier Medication Management at Home

Taking medication becomes a routine as people age. Older adults get sick more often and doctors prescribe a series of medications to manage their health.

There’s no doubt that medicines are good for our health. However, they also endanger our health if taken inappropriately.

It’s challenging to handle medicine in order to avoid drug interaction danger. A medication management plan is a good preventive strategy.

If you are dealing with the same problem, these tips can help you develop a management plan that works for you:

  1. Give yourself reminders when it’s time to take your medicines
    Pill boxes and medication alarms are useful tools to help you remember to take your prescriptions. You can post your medicine schedule in strategic areas at home or ask a loved one to remind you.

  2. Link your medications into your routine
    For example, build the habit of taking your pills after eating your breakfast or before sleeping at night. Pick a routine and incorporate your medication intake.

  3. Make an updated list of your medications
    It’s useful when you’re visiting your doctor or getting your refills. Jot down all the medications you’re taking, including over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, and other forms of medicine. Add important details like the dose, schedule of intake, and remember why you’re taking them.

  4. Ask for a minimized medication plan
    Make it a goal to minimize the number of pills you’re taking to limit the risk of side effects. Maybe your doctor can recommend alternative therapies for your situation without the need for another prescription. You can also ask them if they can provide a single medicine for all your needs.

  5. Choose one pharmacy and stick to it
    It is easier to track your medications when you pick a single pharmacy. This also simplifies your prescription refill process by making it a one-stop event. 

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