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6 Ways You Can Help Elderly Patients Manage Their Medications

6 Ways You Can Help Elderly Patients Manage Their Medications
It is hard to witness our senior loved ones’ sufferings, especially those that are caused by their physical complications. Though it is a hard pill to swallow, old age brings inevitable detrimental effects to the body. No human power may reverse these but at least, we can share our compassion to make things a bit more manageable. One great way to contribute is to render assistance in complying with their medical requirements.

Allow your neighborhood retail pharmacy in Berkeley Lake, Georgia to give you some tips on this matter. Med-4-YOU PHARMACY presents you with the following:

  • Personally remind them about their medications.
    Most baby boomers have fleeting memories. Since missing even a single dosage can lead to fatal results, try to make an extra effort of helping them remember what pills to take. Pay close attention to the peculiar details of each drug. Feel free to ask pharmacists for safer medication administration.
  • Customize medicine labels.
    While labels on medicine boxes are useful, they are no longer that visible to sixty-year-olds and above. Try using bigger fonts. In addition to which, bright colors (such as neon yellow and mint green) help enhance visibility. Placing unique marks and figures can be helpful as well.
  • Take advantage of the modern technology.
    Just surf the internet for a bit and you will find an application regarding medical reminders in no time. If your elderly loved one still has clear comprehension, try to walk them through. Interaction through modern technology can stimulate their cognition and promote better mental health. Also, the application can also serve as your proxy in times when granny is by himself.
  • Check their medicine box from time to time.
    The medicines’ condition must stay in tip-top shape. Though the drugs are still far from their expiration dates, closely examine its physical appearance. Store the same at an appropriate room temperature. As much as possible, keep it from direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Keep in constant touch with their doctors.
    Communicate with the doctors as often as possible. If there are changes in your seniors’ condition, make it a habit to call the experts. Such reports will be helpful to the adjustments with the medications. This could improve your loved ones’ overall health.
  • Subscribe to an auto-refill program.
    Auto refill programs will help your elders save time and effort. It is also an effective remedy against forgetfulness because pharmacies will be the one to set an allocated time when to add another batch of pills. Since experts prepare the same, lesser mistakes are expected.

We may not personally come to your homes but allow our medicines to become your family’s source of strength. Expect properly maintained medicines and pharmaceutical items from Med-4-YOU PHARMACY. When it comes to medication services in Georgia, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Want to transfer your prescriptions with us? We are more than happy to facilitate! Please do not be afraid to approach our responsive and professional staff.

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