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A Parent’s Quick Guide to Administering Medication for Children

A Parent’s Quick Guide to Administering Medication for Children
As a parent, your child’s safety is surely on top of your concerns. When illnesses or emergency situations arise, what do you need to consider before your child can be administered with a medication? Here’s your checklist:

  • Allergy information

    Some medicines they’ll be taking may have an allergic reaction to their body. Make sure to check with the pediatrician before giving your child medication. It might help if you get a physician’s recommendation even if you’re only buying OTC medications from the pharmacy.

  • Medical history

    The medicines they took in the past may affect the drugs they’ll be administered with. Your child’s physician plays a significant role in this, too. If possible, try to keep records of your child’s previous visits to the doctor and medications that he or she has been prescribed with. You can put them all in a clear book or folder. Besides keeping it as a record of medication intake for your child, this can come in handy in case of medical emergencies. With one folder having all the important medical information of your child, you can simply grab it and go.

  • Pre-existing illness

    Some drugs will have a negative reaction to illnesses. Has your child been diagnosed with a certain condition before? It might help if you bring up this concern with the physician or the pharmacist before you purchase the medication and give it to your child.

  • Height and weight measurement in relation to dosage

    Physical data aids in calculating the dosage of a child’s medication. It’s also important to take note of the medication inserts or labels. It might seem discouraging to read such fine print but it really pays off to know more about a medication before you give it to your child.

When your doctor prescribes an unfamiliar drug, don’t hesitate to seek their clarification regarding its purpose. You can also inquire with our pharmacists at Med-4-YOU PHARMACY, a retail pharmacy in Berkeley Lake, Georgia. We’re glad to answer questions for you. Our pharmacy also has an extensive selection of vitamins – both for kids and adults.


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